Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hard at it

I have a feeling that my house is going to be torn apart for quite some time. I started painting my kitchen on Sunday so everything from the kitchen ended up in the living room. I got it finished Monday night and am slowly re-organizing things. I have a bakers rack that my friend and I are going to decorate and once that is done I will have my kitchen all in place. I am getting ready to start on my bathroom this week. It shouldn't take too long, but I have to finish sanding first. My dh and his friend decided to build a fur shed in our garage which leaves me with very little room for storage. We have a little house with hardly any room for storage. I have been looking for a bigger house for quite some time now but since dh is building his fur shed I dont think we will be moving any time soon. I must say that I am ready to have my house back...there is alot to be done before that happens though. Once everything is in order I will post some pics. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Its not even winter yet....

And my DD has been sick since Monday with flu-like symptoms and I am starting to feel that way. I have heard that the sickness is going around but I dont have time to be sick! I plan on making candles all weekend as long as I am not sick.....

I decided that for Christmas this year I am going to make candles, bath salts, etc for family members and try to save some money. I also think that they will appreciate homemade gifts more. My moms side of the family has a $15 limit and its hard to find a gift that they will get good use out of with only $15. So that is my money saving strategy...see if it works.

I have many projects lined up around the house, new cabinets in the kitchen, new paint in the bathroom, kitchen and LR. My DH hung up my horseshoe coat rack last night and I will upload a pic of it soon! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Hi all! So its my first day as an official blogger! Lets start with a little about me....hmm...I grew up in a small town in Kansas where the total population barely reached 350 people. I lived 5 miles outside of town with my parents and two sisters. My parents raised horses and cattle for many years and also helped my grandparents every weekend on their farm. I was used to getting dirty, working cattle, riding horses, haying and burning pastures (my favorite time of the year). After high school I married my high school sweetheart and we moved to our "rival" town. We bought a small house in town which was a huge change for me. I would love to live in the country again. In March of 2006 we had our first daughter named Kyla. I cant believe that she is two now! Where does the time go?

I have started some crafting. With the help of my dh I am making home decor items out of old used horseshoes. We have one project done and are starting on another. I also bought an old mirror at a garage sale, painted it, roughed it up and am getting ready to add some rustic decor to it. I will update with pictures later! All for now...hope everyone has a great weekend!